Mission and vision


  • To fulfill the dream of our most Revered Prabhuji, school is built up with the objective to develop the potentialities of each & every student of our school in accordance with the ideology to follow his precious guideline.

  • To create responsible, independent individuals who have the knowledge and attitude to be successful in an ever-changing world - this is our motto.

  • Our vision is to create a global recognition of our students.

» Shamayita Convent School is the ideal platform of liberation of women. When the girls successfully establish their own identity and claim their rightful place under the sun, then the mission of the school will be accomplished. The essential features of the school are as follows :-

  • The school is built on the basis of an ideology. As such, no distinction is made in the respect of caste, creed or economic status.
  • Over and above the bookish knowledge, emphasis is given on the development of a determined and courageous personality, so that, the girls may face various situations in future life.
  • An essential requirement for them should be a healthy and spirited life. Therefore, besides games and sports, karate, yoga, music and dance, there is the facility of vocational education, which helps them to establish themselves as economically independent individuals and secure an identity.
  • Some seats are reserved specially for the girls of the surrounding villages.
  • Special attention is given to the development of the creativity and innovativeness of the children.
  • A special feature of the school is the abundance of greenery all around. The children love nature. So emphasis is given on the free and unrestrained growth of the children in the bosom of nature.
  • Moral education classes are conducted to enable the formation of a strong moral character of the children. They flower into good citizens as they can discriminate between good and evil, pure and impure.
  • The main focus is thus to awaken the self-power of the girls on way to self-realisation.


  • Our mission is to make a platform for universal backward classes, particularly for rural students in our locality to distribute a highest gift and indispensible things, i.e. real education from the beginning stage of a child
  • Our mission is to establish a school for boys in our compound in a near future.
  • Each seed contains the future tree; each child is born with infinite potential. Children as seeds are to be nurtured-here, the teachers is a gardener, who tries to bring out the potential already present in the child.
  • The child as clay is to be molded where; the teachers and parents are potters deciding what shape the clay should take.
  • Education is not the filling of a vessel, but the kindling of a flame…
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