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Revered Prabhuji's Message

We have toexpand ourselves; the goal of life is to be one with the Supreme Self and todedicate it for the welfare of the world. We have to set up in the hearts ofthe millions the eternal ideal, the ideal that will speak; that will surviveeven after the frail body is reduced to ashes; that will stir human mind evenafter thousands of years and then the purpose of life would be fulfilled, thecompleteness of receiving education would come into reality…..


Educationimplies expansion , contraction means death. That is indeed the real educationthat invigorates one into self- reliance, that awakens self awareness; that does not say ‘I’ but says ‘you’; thatsays , your happiness is my happiness , your sorrow is my sorrow, your pleasureis my pleasure. That is real education. …………                                                                                                                                                                                         

The glorioustheory of education of India is : Education for the sake of education; it isnot for survival merely. The complete object of education is neither to acquirea high post in service, nor to multiply riches. Again, education is not theonly way to immortality; immortality comes out of it spontaneously. Toillustrate, when a lotus is blossomed , it seeks no other object to achieve;but its sweetness comes out automatically. It is the inner eternal bliss andbeauty, its inner fragrance and its sweetness, inner perfume and its riches. Ifwe are to seed the goal of education, we should say, it is Self – realization.



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