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Shamayita Convent School is located on the banks of river Sali,with Koro hillock in the East and Susunia hills in the south on a sprawling campus of 5 acre. The abundance of greenery surrounding the school and the openness of  blue sky is in consonance with the spirit of openness of mind, liberty of soul, living  with one’s own identity, the  which the school desires to imbibe in every student.

The school is located in Mouza Maraya, in Amarkanan, inGangajalghati block of Bankura district. The school is 0.5 km from NH 60 , 25 km from district town Bankura , 45km from industrial town of Durgapur and 35 km from Raniganj.



Shamayita Convent School for girls was founded on 18th July 1996 by Revered Sri Sri Prabhuji an inborn spiritual Mahayogi. Being a son of this soil, He is associated deeply and inseparably with rural life. He felt the sorrows and pains of the rural of the depressed humanity. The yearning for freedom of soul of captive humanity and their wailing pains have made Him conscious of the fact that in this backward and neglected rural area, opening of an English medium school is undoubtedly a challenge. But it was His firm conviction that the school will prosper by dint of transmitted power of self realization and love of countless love of many. Amidst all challenges the school will create its own blissful sons and daughters. With English - the globally accepted language as the medium of instruction the school desires to place the rural children on the world platform.

The school had a humble beginning with only 20 girl students in 1996. Being located in the remote rural corner, its journey was challenging. Nevertheless cooperation of the community was appreciable and the school left a positive impact in the society. Out of the demand of the community, the boys wing was added in the 2010. Establishment of the boys wing helped to create a universal platform of promotion of education as an ideal society depends upon the progress of men and women both.

Today the world of unrest, loss of faith love and truth has made us more bewildered and confused in finding a right path for the enlightenment of our souls. Rev. Prabhuji, through this school provides a guiding light to the despaired souls, irrespective of colour, creed, nationality. According to His belief, everyone should know his/her real identity, eternal right. From the effulgence of cosmic love will come out a sectless, vigorous life.

Shamayita Convent School aims at making the students modern , not in outward appearance , but modern in outlook, modern at heart. Being nourished with His ideology, the school emphasizes on development of inner traits, aptitudes and potentialities of every student, so that she can fight, manage and overcome every odd that comes in his/her way of life.  The school will give to the society, in fact to the world, a gift of ideal fathers/mothers, daughters/sons, sisters /brothers who will be an embodiment of purity, love , bliss, knowledge , courage and self reliance.


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