• Our revered Prabhuji founded Shamayita Convent School on 18th July, 1996. Associating Himself deeply and inseparably with rural life. He felt the sorrows and pains of the depressed humanity. The yearning for freedom of soul of captive humanity and their wailing pains have made Him conscious of the fact that in the backward and neglected atmosphere of rural areas, opening up of a convent school is undoubtedly a mode of challenge and experimentation.
  • Today the world of unrest, loss of faith, love and truth has made us more bewildered and confused in finding a right path for the enlightenment of our souls. Our Prabhuji, through this school has provided us a guiding light to the despaired souls specially the girls, irrespective of creed, colour and nationality. His messages highlight every sphere of human life like education, social service, hard work through self-realization and lead us to the right direction for attaining eternal cosmic love. Hence according to His belief everybody should know her/his eternal right and real identity. From that effulgence of cosmic love will come out a sectless, vigorous life.
  • Shamayita Convent School, one of the activity of Shamayita Math aims at making the students modern not in outward appearance, but in modern outlook and modern at heart. Being nourished with His holy ideology, the school emphasizes on development of inner traits, aptitudes and potentialities of every student, so that, she can fight, tackle and overcome all the odds that come in her way of life. The school will give to the society, in fact to the world the wonderful gift, gift of ideal mothers, daughters and sisters who will be an embodiment of purity, love, bliss, knowledge courage and self reliance.
  • In the prevailing system of education emphasis is laid only on the subjects of science and humanities. This is no doubt necessary, but it is not the ultimate. The true mission of life lies in the spirit of dedication for the welfare of the world. We believe that with the grace of our Prabhuji, Shamayita Convent School will develop each of the seedlings into a tree which will spread its branches all over the world.
  • The universal ideology caters not only to the girls but to the boys also. Shamayita Convent School for boys is a new leaf to the branch of activities of Shamayita Math. The school for boys will provide a new platform for the materialisation of the ideology of education among boys. This is an addition to the endeavour already undertaken eighteen years ago with the foundation of Shamayita Convent School for girls. Education is indispensible. With the noble objective of presenting an ideal society for the future generation, our most Revered Prabhuji has put forward His resolution to set up a school for boys also. An ideal society depends upon the progress of men and women, both, so as to bring about a good coordination between the two. This school will no doubt give a wider dimension to the universality of the mother organisation Shamayita Math.
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